5 tasks in 5 minutes to improve 5 aspects of your finances! (Part 1)

The inspiration for this blog post came from one of my gorgeous Pretty Money Club members (as my blog posts so often do…) Check this screenshot out: Interesting, right? This is one of my Pretty Money Club members in our private Facebook Group… and I immediately started writing because there’s such a valuable teaching momentContinue reading “5 tasks in 5 minutes to improve 5 aspects of your finances! (Part 1)”

Let’s Talk about Debt, baby!

I get it. That crushing feeling weighing on your shoulders… that underlying stress and anxiety you feel in your body every time you pull out your card to swipe a transaction. You’re thinking about your debt MULTIPLE times a day. It’s stressful… it’s overwhelming… it’s frustrating. Society has conditioned us to think that debt isContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Debt, baby!”

Action creates motivation… not the other way around.

I don’t know about you… but I am almost NEVER motivated to go to a workout class. There are days when I am literally dragging my feet. But I have learned that if I just take it one step at a time… Have coffee. (MUST) Put my workout clothes on (even if I haven’t convincedContinue reading “Action creates motivation… not the other way around.”