5 Day Budget Makeover Series Transcription – Day 3 – Future You

Alright, welcome back to the next lesson. Let’s keep rocking and rolling. I know that at this point I usually start to get messages from you saying “When the heck are we going to put the budget together?” Have you started to think that? If you have, it’s totally fine. That’s normal, because I bet that when you have budgeted in the past, you have not taken the time to find the facts, figure out your needs and wants, or do this next step that we’re going to do. But I promise you that we are going to get to the budget and these are the things that are going to make a difference this time. Doing this work is what’s going to have your budget stick this time and why you’re going to achieve your goals with it. Sound good? Are you still on board? I hope you’re excited to see how this all comes together over the next couple of days. Alright. The next lesson we are talking about a concept that I refer to as “future you.” Inside of the pretty money club, my members hear me saying all the time “future you needs money too.” So we are going to plan for “future you.” What do I mean by “future you?” I mean all the things that have thrown your budget off in the past and all the things that you probably haven’t been thinking about when budgeting in the past. So here’s what I mean. I am told every day that budgets don’t work, or that the budget didn’t work for whoever I was talking to because of unexpected expenses. And I say “Oh! Really? What was the unexpected expense?” and they say “Car maintenance. I had no idea that my car was going to need a brake job!” Then I ask them… “Well, do you know that you drive a car?” and they say “Yes.” and I say, “Do you know that cars need maintenance on a regular and irregular schedule?” and they say “Yes.” and that’s when I tell them that is actually an EXPECTED unexpected expense. It is absolutely 100 percent expected that our car is going to need maintenance. It is absolutely 100 percent expected that our house is going to need maintenance. It is 100 percent expected that our kids are going to need clothing, go on field trips, and have registration fees for activities and sports come up. Those are not unexpected events. What is unexpected sometimes is the schedule, but not the fact that this expense is going to come up. So inside the concept of future you, we are also going to be talking about the expected unexpected’s. In this budget, I want you to have a future you category. But before we go there, we are just going to start by listing those future you categories. So here are some ideas for you, and fill some in that are important to you in making your life work. Things like house maintenance and car maintenance, kids activities, healthcare, Christmas and birthdays. All of these things that come up on an annual or semi annual basis are for future you. What about goals? Goals are going to be achieved by who? Future you! So this is where the goals are going to come in. We are going to list goals like vacation, kids education, new car, renovations… whatever it is for you, list down all the things that future you is going to need, like car maintenance, as well as the things that are really near and dear to your heart and important to you of the things that you want. I will be providing some examples. I will be providing some tips on how to do this within the worksheets and I want you to take the time to list out all of those things for future you. Talk to you tomorrow! 

Future YOU needs money too!

Lindsay Plumb, Founder of the Pretty Money Club

5 Day Budget Makeover Series Transcription – Day 2 – Needs vs Wants

Hey, thanks for coming back, I love budgeting so much, I hope you’re starting to love budgeting just as much as I am. I promise that when your budget works like a well oiled machine and you are reaching your goals, you will think budgeting is this cool too. I promise. Okay, so the next thing that we are going to do, now that we know the facts, we’re going to split those facts into needs and wants. Now, just because you spent $200.00 on clothing last month, that’s a fact, but that doesn’t mean that we necessarily need to put $200.00 into the budget for clothing moving forwards. So we’re going to dissect your list of facts into needs and wants. I want you to get two colors of highlighters. Or, if you don’t have that and you’ve got kids around, find some crayons. You know you can find those, right? And I want you to decide which color is for needs and which color is for wants. Go through your list and highlight the needs and wants. Now, in this lesson it’s very important for you to look through the lens of someone else when deciding if something is actually a need. People will tell me all the time that they NEED this or they NEED that… but they don’t. They have created their life to WANT things SO BADLY that they NEED it… but they don’t actually need it. So be careful when going through this list. I would also encourage you to share your results with a friend or a family member, or maybe your partner and see if they agree with the needs and wants. Now you know what’s going to be coming next. We may have to take out some of those wants. So be very clear when you are choosing what’s a need and what’s a want? This should take you no more than ten minutes.

5 Day Budget Makeover Series Transcription – Day 1 – Find the Facts

You’re back! I’m so excited that you decided to come back and learn more about how to create a budget that you can really stick to. Now, one of the things that people do wrong when they budget is they look out the window and they see unicorns. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean they’re in a fantasy land. They’re not looking at reality and using the facts of their life and their expenses when they create the budget. What are the chances of you staying on track if your numbers are grabbed out of thin air? So in this lesson, it’s time to find the facts. I’m going to give you a worksheet and let you know what numbers I want you to research. Now to research that, it’s probably as simple as pulling up your banking app and looking through the last month, two, or three, depending on what your billing cycles are for your different expenses, and finding the facts. I’m also going to give you my list of the top most commonly forgotten expenses that throw your budget off. So go look for those, go look for the facts, get them down on paper and we’ll move onto the next lesson tomorrow. If all goes well, this should take you less than 15 minutes. We’ll see you tomorrow! 

5 Day Budget Makeover Series Transcription – Introduction

Welcome to the Five Day Budget makeover series. Over the next five days, we are going to dive into your budget and figure out what the heck is going on, and how we can help you achieve your goals. Before we start I want to cover two important things: to let you know who I am, and why I’m qualified to talk to you. Well I’m a busy mom of 2 and a business owner, so I know what it’s like to not have enough time. I also know what it’s like to not have enough money. In 2008 I started out as a financial adviser and I flipped that over to being a financial coach in 2015. Over the last ten years, I have spent countless hours working with hundreds, maybe even thousands of families by this point, learning how to manage their finances, what kind of plan is going to work for them and what is going wrong with their budget. I am the founder and creator of the Pretty Money Club and I have had the absolute honor of working with some of the most incredible women out there, helping them learn these exact same topics that you’re going to learn over the next five days. 

Now I want to talk a little bit about you and who this series is meant for. This series is ultimately created for busy mom’s. So that’s not to say that if you’re a  busy dad, or if you’re not a parent at all and maybe you’re not even that busy, but I want you to know that that’s who this course is designed for. This is designed for people who have tried budgeting in the past and had a hard time sticking to it for all sorts of different reasons (we are going to cover how to eliminate those for you moving forward) and people who are just busy busy busy. So that’s who this is designed for. Who it’s not designed for are people who are excel Masters and gurus at budgeting. That’s not who this course is designed for. However, if you are watching and you fall into that category, continue to follow along with us cuz you might just pick up one or two more little tips to help your system get even better. Okay now you know about me, I’ve talked about who this is for and who you might be, and I’m looking forward to learning more about you as we go along over the next five days. 

One thing that I absolutely need to cover before we move forward at all is what IS a budget and what IS NOT a budget.  One of the reasons many people have a hard time budgeting is because they don’t actually know what a budget is in the first place. Let’s cover that now. A budget is a plan. It is a road map for how you are going to spend your money. It is NOT an analysis of how you HAVE spent your money. Yes, we do need to do a little bit of that as we create our budget as well, (and we will be talking about that over the next few days) but a budget is looking forward. It is NOT looking backwards. Now the other thing I want to mention about what a budget is, is I want to help you if you  are somebody who the word budget kind of makes you cringe. Do you feel like budgeting is restrictive, like you’re going to fail, like it all the things that you’re not allowed to do, or looking at what you’ve been doing wrong? I really want to encourage you that the word budget doesn’t have to be so negative and scary for you; however, if you are having a hard time shifting your mindset on that, please change the name. Call it a money plan, call it a success road map, call it whatever you want. I like the word budget and I know a lot of other people do, so that’s what we are going to use in this series, but you don’t have to use the same word. If this word is not inspiring to you, you have two choices: you can either get over it, or change it. In the next video, we are going to dissect exactly how we are going to create your budget, starting with step number one. See you there!

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