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  • Attitude, Gratitude, and Money Mood.
    There are scientifically proven benefits to being someone that practices gratitude. Grateful people have better relationshipsGrateful people have improved physical healthGrateful people have improved mental healthGrateful people are more empathetic and less aggressiveGrateful people sleep betterGrateful people have higher self esteemGrateful people have better mental stamina We know that gratitude will change YOU as a … Read more
  • Are you making the NUMBER ONE money mistake?!
    This might be the NUMBER ONE mistake when it comes to money….Not planning for FUTURE YOU. In my day to day practice, I find that most people think about their budget within the NOW… what will they need this month? When it comes to debt, most people think in the PAST… where they spent their … Read more
  • You need a goal… FAST.
    If we want to achieve financial success we need to identify what financial success looks like for YOU. Financial success to me will look differently than what it looks like to you. Everyone reading this blog will have different versions of success. The best way to achieve ANY version of success is to have goals… … Read more
  • You Need a B WORD.
    … BUDGET. Woah there! Did you just CRINGE at the word “budget”? You, like many other people, may get a negative feeling even mentioning the big “B” word. I personally love it. I get EXCITED when I get to talk about budgeting. My day is MADE when someone tells me how my budget tips changed … Read more
  • HOW IS Your MONEY MINDSET this decade?!
    I’m sure you’ve heard it all before… and maybe you're guilty of saying this too… “New year, new vibe. New me. This is the year that I will accomplish ALL THE THINGS!" A day goes by, two weeks, then maybe a month. Before you know it, your New Year's resolutions slip away from view and … Read more