5 tasks in 5 minutes to improve 5 aspects of your finances! (Part 1)

The inspiration for this blog post came from one of my gorgeous Pretty Money Club members (as my blog posts so often do…) Check this screenshot out:


Interesting, right?

This is one of my Pretty Money Club members in our private Facebook Group… and I immediately started writing because there’s such a valuable teaching moment present right there!

You see, this member took the Pretty Money Course 2.5 years ago, and has been a member of the club ever since. She continued to keep her budget top of mind, even if it wasn’t perfect.

She committed her time whenever she could (yep… sometimes she’d disappear for a month or two… but that’s how us busy moms have to operate sometimes!) 

She. Didn’t. Give. Up.

If it wasn’t pretty… she tried a different way. 

I know that many of you need help with reining in your spending and figuring out what to prioritize financially… but you struggle because you just don’t feel like you have the TIME. 

I totally get it. Life is BUSY. Life costs MONEY.

This Facebook post shows something – that EVEN with small bits of continuous dedication, you can still move FORWARD. Even if you only have FIVE minutes every week… Those 5 minutes have a compounding effect. 

5 minutes per week adds up to FOUR HOURS at the end of a year…

5 minutes per day adds up to THIRTY HOURS at the end of a year…

let that sink in.

It reminded me that we make things so difficult for ourselves when things can actually be so easy!

Like how this Pretty Money Club member chose not to give up, even when her finances may have been more ugly duckling than she would have liked. Even when it felt like very little progress was being made. 

So! With that being said… I give to you:

5 things you can do in 5 minutes to improve 5 areas of your finances!

Thing #1 – Uncover your subconscious thoughts about money.

When I sit down with a client to talk about their money problems, I usually hear a lot of stories told with real emotion (usually frustration, despair, anxiety, or hopelessness.) What I DON’T often hear are objective facts. And this makes perfect sense! As we experience life, we internalize stories through the lens of how the experience left us feeling. Since money is a critical tool in our every day life, it makes sense that any emotions we experience related to money are intertwined into the rest of our life story.

In order to tackle the root cause of our money obstacles, we need to dig them out of the emotional sand pit.

Lindsay Plumb

For this 5 minute task, I want you to use 2 full minutes to journal about money. Don’t try to write anything cohesive or beautiful, just let it out and don’t stop. Set a timer and write (or type) anything that comes to mind for a full two minutes. Think about how you grew up. Think about your opinion of bad / good money management. Write down any particularly emotional words that come to mind.

Done? Now I want you to grab a highlighter and highlight common words, or themes, or anything that you find particularly powerful. Spend about 1 minute doing this.

Now, use the last two minutes to really analyze those highlighted areas. Where do these thoughts/feelings come from? Are they tied to a significant event in your life? What is the actual underlying problem? Do you have enough information to move forward, or do you need to do more investigating? Are the things that you wrote down actually TRUE? What aspect of your finances do these areas relate to? Are the things you wrote down mostly negative, or positive?

Money Area: MINDSET.

  • Our beliefs are powerful enough to make or break our lives.
  • Almost 95% of what we think is subconscious… what hidden thoughts are tinting your lenses of what your future could hold?
  • You have the power to change your limiting beliefs and align your mindset with your future goals

You can afford ANYTHING. But not EVERYTHING.

Lindsay Plumb

Once you have completed this task, I would LOVE for you to come and share with me and my pretty money tribe! Why? Because collaboration, broadening perspective, and learning new hacks from other crazy-busy-women is what we are all about. Join me inside the facebook group and watch your money become prettier, too!

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To all you women that are working too damn hard to feel like you’re just getting by paycheque to paycheque… To all you ladies that just don’t have the freaking time for financial jargon and complicated budget systems… ​To all you women struggling to feel in control of your money, ’cause you know you can rock it if you just had a simple map… I see you. I GET you. I'm a busy mom of two boys and a wife to my business partner. I love baseball, red wine, and our family trip to Mexico every year. After more than a decade as a licensed professional in the personal finance industry, I’ve figured out strategies that are simple, but have massive impact on your wallet. I’ve left out the jargon and fine print because I know you don't have time for that. The Pretty Money Club enrolls new members twice a year for the 8 week course that will turn your ugly budget into top model pretty money... and most of our members stay in the club after class is done to keep learning and stay in touch with all the women they built community with.

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