Attitude, Gratitude, and Money Mood.

There are scientifically proven benefits to being someone that practices gratitude.

  • Grateful people have better relationships
  • Grateful people have improved physical health
  • Grateful people have improved mental health
  • Grateful people are more empathetic and less aggressive
  • Grateful people sleep better
  • Grateful people have higher self esteem
  • Grateful people have better mental stamina

We know that gratitude will change YOU as a person, but did you know that intentionally focusing on shifting to a grateful mindset will change A LOT about your money too?

  • The way you save it
  • The way you spend it
  • The way you feel about it
  • How much you earn
  • How successful you are

How exactly does being grateful change your money?

Gratitude gives you patience with money.

Gratitude can combat a tendency toward instant gratification. People who practice gratitude are more likely to feel positive about their current situation or what they currently have, meaning that they are less likely to give into instant gratification or overspending. They are more likely to wait for a good deal and less likely to be mesmerized by the shiny new object. They don’t “HAVE TO HAVE IT.” Gratitude makes you good at identifying the “NEEDS vs WANTS.”

If you get beyond the need for instant gratification, you’re going to reach for that credit card less, which means you are saving on the compounding interest payment you’d be making month to month. Not only are you saving on the item itself, you’re saving on the later effects of “needing” that item now. Gratitude for the win.

“My whole approach to finances has changed since starting my gratitude journal. I’m more careful about my spending and put more of my paycheck into Future Me savings. When I was job-hunting, I had a financial cushion that empowered me to hold out for a new position that I really loved AND had better long-term earning potential, rather than simply accepting the first offer I got. I wouldn’t have had that patience before.”

Grateful Journaler

Gratitude Beats Materialism

Imagine being a person that smiles and feels truly thankful for something simple like getting a good parking spot when it’s raining out. That feeling of bliss is very real and for some people it does come as easily as this, but it takes practice. A person who can smile and be thankful for the little things in life is far less likely to feel they need the latest model iPhone, or third pair of cute shoes. Buying something new may give you a quick feeling of short-lived excitement, but it dies away as you begin take the item for granted. Grateful people are more likely to spend money on experiences that connect them with long-lasting memories and people.

Gratitude Promotes Generosity

Gratitude also promotes generosity… but wait, how can giving your money away tie into better finances?

When you make giving to charity a priority, you’re forced to re-evaluate your finances so that you can meet your objectives. It means you are more likely to pay closer attention to your spending, and track it better. You’re also more likely to reduce your own expenses to make room for more generosity.

Plus, when you give, you have the chance to get a bit of a tax break. If you’re a business owner, giving can help raise your profile in your community and encourage goodwill toward your business. That’s not a bad thing when you want to attract more customers.

I’m a people-pleaser by nature, which unfortunately has led me to make bad business choices even though they didn’t feel right. I started meditating and focusing on how grateful I was for things that did go well. Growing this respect for my accomplishments through gratitude helped me become more confident in my decisions and now I trust myself. My business is doing better than it ever has in such a short time.

Grateful Entrepeneur

Gratitude can Advance your Career

Grateful people are more likable, make better managers, and are more focused and productive. Gratitude raises optimism and self esteem, which leads to higher confidence. All these qualities translate to higher income potential, which grateful people are likely to use for cultivating even more gratitude in the world.

“Great, but how do I become grateful?”

Keep a gratitude journal

By writing down a few items every day that you are thankful for, you may eventually become more attuned to all the tiny good things in your life. For example, maybe it’s that first sip of coffee in the morning, the bus that came on time, or the stranger who smiled at you.


There’s nothing like helping others in need to remind us to feel grateful for what we have. Sometimes it’s all about perspective and when you see life through another persons’s eyes, you can see your own life more clearly.

Be Grateful for the Joneses; Don’t Envy Them.

Comparing our real lives (which are messy and crazy) to the curated “highlight reels” that others populate their social-media feeds with can leave us feeling dissatisfied instead of grateful. Sometimes a break from social media can help us focus on what’s good in our own lives. We all need a screen detox FREQUENTLY. It’s a societal crisis.

A simple Thank You.

When you make a point of acknowledging the contributions of others, you can’t help but feel grateful to have them around. You might find they reciprocate with their own thankfulness to you, which can only strengthen the feedback loop of gratitude. Try it. Write a card for someone. They’re GOING to smile.

How’s your Money Mindset? Take my Quiz to find out if you could use some Gratitude in your life.

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