5 Day Budget Makeover Series Transcription – Day 1 – Find the Facts

You’re back! I’m so excited that you decided to come back and learn more about how to create a budget that you can really stick to. Now, one of the things that people do wrong when they budget is they look out the window and they see unicorns. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean they’re in a fantasy land. They’re not looking at reality and using the facts of their life and their expenses when they create the budget. What are the chances of you staying on track if your numbers are grabbed out of thin air? So in this lesson, it’s time to find the facts. I’m going to give you a worksheet and let you know what numbers I want you to research. Now to research that, it’s probably as simple as pulling up your banking app and looking through the last month, two, or three, depending on what your billing cycles are for your different expenses, and finding the facts. I’m also going to give you my list of the top most commonly forgotten expenses that throw your budget off. So go look for those, go look for the facts, get them down on paper and we’ll move onto the next lesson tomorrow. If all goes well, this should take you less than 15 minutes. We’ll see you tomorrow! 

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